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Precision livestock farming

Close your eyes and imagine: large prairies of 1000ha, entirely fenced, setup heavenly, where the cattle, beefs and cows, can live year-round, with areas for feeding and drinking, sheltered by trees and pergolas, a nursery for calving and after-calving cares and a veterinary hospital. We grow there elephant grass: elephant grass or Napier grass is an important crop that provides good fodder for grazing animals and dairy farmers. Being an important food item for African elephants, it’s named ‘Elephant grass.

Fifty (50) ha of this crop can feed easily a cattle of over 1000 heads.

AI management: each animal wears a sensor aimed to send data to the farmer on his state of health and his location in the field. Beefs have it on one ear. Cows have it on their tail transferring to the farmer more info: state of health, insemination period, pregnancy, calving readiness etc.

Precision livestock is enhancing animal welfare, improve productivity and promote sustainable practices in livestock farming using advanced technologies and data-driven approaches.