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+233 (59) 5587474

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Deha Street, Off Zimli Run-About, Lamashegu, Tamale, Northern Region. Digital Address: NT-0051-2076

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KA’MA AGRO GHANA LTD is a startup Limited Liability Company producing hydroponic tomatoes to be processed into tomato paste whoesaled in 25L cans. The company is a joint venture between SABAR HOLDINGS LTD (Ghana) and PREMIUM CONSULTATION & ASS (Canada).The production pant of the company is on a 60hectares land using hydroponic greenhouses to increase the productivity by 400%.

This project is the starting point of a major plan to implement agriculture and livestock farming of precision as we are using 60 hectares of 3000 for it. Agriculture 4.0 is the backbone under which the Greenhouse hydroponic farming operates. This collaboration seeks to bring a new dawn of Agric in Ghana with the concept of Precision Agriculture otherwise known as Agriculture 4.0.

Agriculture 4.0 incorporates the evolution of precision farming and refers to all actions that are carried out in agriculture based on aprecise and accurate analysis of data and information collected and transmitted through advanced tools and technology.

The ultimate goal is to increase economic, environmental, and social sustainability –as well as profitability –of agricultural processes. KA’MA AGRO GHANA LTDshall everage on the use of Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Artificial Intelligenceand Robotics to extend, speed up, and increase the efficiency of activities that affect the entire productionchain. PROJECTS: